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14,000+ Agencies
147 Countries provides the fastest and most cost-effective way of building your international presence in the global education market.

We have helped schools from the full spectrum of the academic community to increase their international outreach resulting in higher student volumes and a more diverse international body of scholars. offers a variety of services to complement the current stage of your school's international development.

Whether you are informing consultants about a prospective trip to their country or building your international operation from the ground up then :- has the expertise and ability to improve your results.

Who We Are

The team at have over fifty years combined experience in the international education sector.


Having managed operations across five continents our team traveled the globe promoting their respective schools establishing a comprehensive network.


The process to achieve success was often costly and time-consuming with increasing budgets spent on detailed international strategies involving extensive travel, fairs and agent workshops. was created to simplify this process by allowing its international partners to utilize their extensive networks to expedite results in a time and cost efficient manner.


Our network of education professionals spans the globe and covers over 140 different countries. 


What We Do


Creating New Connections

The original element of our service was designed for existing Educators with established international strategies to increase and diversify their network of international consultants.


We have helped schools across five continents increase their global reach in this fashion by sending four bespoke e-mail communications to our network, resulting in increased student enrolments. have assisted the full spectrum of the academic community including Independent Language Schools in Costa Rica to globally established Universities in the United States and United Kingdom.


Managing Relationships

The next element of our service offers assistance to schools who have limited existing resource to deliver international strategies due to a lack of budget or personnel to achieve the desired goal of globalization. will work with its partner schools to create a network of fifty agencies worldwide. This will facilitate introductions with the aim that schools will attain independent management with a twelve month period.

Managed service

Results Delivered

The most extensive element of our service provides comprehensive recruitment support from market identification through to matriculated students.


This service is designed for schools looking to enter a brand new market or who are building their international operations from scratch.

This service costs half the annual salary of one International Director and can globalize your school in a time and cost efficient manner.

We typically expect this full process to take three years to complete before the handover to the client can take place. We provide a guaranteed return on your initial investment during the contracted period.

We are privileged to have assisted a number of schools in Dubai with their globalization and are looking forward to building new relationships in new markets.


Client Spotlight

At, we work hard every day in order to ensure our clients’ success. We deliver creative solutions to our clients every single time — no exceptions. Want to join our ranks of happy clients? Check out our list below to see who have enjoyed our service. We look forward to working with you!


"Top 1% of Universities Globally"

The University of Birmingham are launching their campus in DIAC in 2018. are proud to be their partner for this exciting new venture.

“NASDAQ Floated Global Education Conglomerate.” are assisting Adtalem with the growth of their International Consultant network for their Veterinary School in St Kitts.

"America's Leading Boarding School"

Fay utilized our service to grow their international network of agencies in new geographic areas.


"Global Summer School"

KE Foundation officially partner with for their range of Summer School Courses across the globe.

We have worked with over one hundred schools across five continents and are happy to provide references of our service upon request.

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