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Our Services

The team at Education Agents offers a three-stage service to globalize your international education institution.


Our service has built on years of international recruitment experience and will both grow and diversify your international student enrollments.

We save over 60% on our partner school's international recruitment budgets by utilizing our tried and tested system.


Market Scan

The first stage of our process is to establish which recruitment markets are most relevant to your international education institution.


This is established by creating e-shots in collaboration with our school partners providing a market scan of your institution's potential market presence.


This process saves huge amounts of marketing budget by allowing you to establish a global market presence without the substantial cost associated with extensive international travel.


Relationship Building

At, we are dedicated to helping educational institutions reach students all over the world.

We contract your institution directly with a bespoke network of international consultants who are experts in their respective regions, working closely with them to establish a strong global presence.

We aim to sign between seventy-five to one hundred contracts directly between our network of consultants and each school partner.


By partnering with us, educational institutions gain the ability to expand their student recruitment efforts and target a wider audience.



Education Agents is dedicated to providing the highest level of education consultant training to organizations seeking to expand their reach and recruit more students.


Our team specializes in training new network consultants on Zoom so that they can effectively recruit students on your behalf.


We offer a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of the recruitment process and equips your consultants with the necessary skills to succeed in the competitive education market.

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